Mack RamachandranFounder of Prosperity Exchange, ex-UN Food Programme Chief Officer

    Mahadevan (Mack) Ramachandran is in the process of setting up his own company based out of Tokyo; The business aims to significantly increase the impact/reach of smart entrepreneurial teams in developing countries through collaborative capitalism; by providing them access to a global structure, knowledge, talent, and investment. He was previously (until Jan 2019) Chief of Supply Chain Planning and Retail Supply Chains at the United Nations World Food Programme. In this role, he leads projects and teams that aim to increase WFP’s efficiency and effectiveness through optimized sourcing and supply strategies, end-to-end planning for corporate emergencies, and operational support to the field, especially on retail supply chains for Cash-Based Transfers. Previously, Mack was the Global Chief of Procurement in Rome. He has been with WFP for around 20 years, most recently in Sudan as emergency coordinator for North Sudan (ex-Darfur). He has held senior program and operations positions in DPR Korea, Panama, and Cambodia. He took two years off in 2011-13 to set up his own company called to enable Americans to offset their carbon footprint while paying for women in Bangladesh and Mongolia to make fuel-efficient stoves. He also spent five years (1987-1991) in sales in India during his (evening) college days for Kelvinator and Godrej companies. He holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Clark University, USA.


    “POWER of FOOD”

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